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Buy Clickadu Accounts

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Buy Clickadu Accounts

We are all aware with ad networks today, and Clikckadu is one of them. It connects marketers with websites. The best place to advertise online for your goods is on Clickadu.

What Is Clickadu?

Clikckadu made its debut as an ad network in 2014. Following that, it continued to advance and is now the one that is expanding the fastest. Through online advertising, Clickadu enables advertisers to optimize their profits.

Clikckadu initially offered pop-under adverts when they set off on their adventure in 2014. But today, things have changed. They now offer monetization in a variety of methods. This monetization strategy is developing as a new one.

Advertising Formats of Clickadu

Today, the importance of ad coverage scope is growing, and Clickadu is giving it a lot of thought. They have many formats to advance in that category.

Instant Text Messages: only work on mobile devices, so they connect with people directly. Instant text allows mobile users to view those advertising. After reading the advertising, you as a mobile user can determine whether or not you are interested in them.

Video Pre-Roll: This is something that every internet user should be familiar with. When you live stream or visit different websites that offer videos, you will notice those video advertising. You are forced to view such commercials.

Push ads: are fairly similar to video advertisements. Instead, as you browse through various websites in this manner, you will see brief notifications appearing on your screen. Sometimes those messages will remain appear on your screen even if you aren’t browsing.

Pop Under: The pop-under ad format is somewhat unique. When you close a page in this manner, the advertisement will appear. In order to display their ads, companies essentially pay attention to users as they prepare to depart websites.

Skim Link: The ability to purchase highly targeted visitors makes this the most expensive video format when compared to others. Despite the fact that it is rather pricey, you will still receive a lot of benefits.

Buy Clickadu Accounts

You can also buy popads accounts from us.

Features of the best Clickadu Accounts

  • Since clickadu has minimal traffic requirements, marketers and publishers can use these networks with ease.
  • The clickadu installation procedure is really simple. Publishers who prefer simple things can use this one with ease.
  • On Clickadu, advertisers and publishers have access to a variety of withdrawal methods, including multiple and on-demand withdrawal.
  • The return rates for multi-format monetization are higher.

Payment methods and rules

Clickadu’s payment system is simple to use. Different services are available for publishers to use in order to be paid. Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer, Crypto, and others are a few of them.

The minimum payment in Clickadu is $10, and advertisers are required to make payments twice a week. Additionally, you have access to cash at every single pay month.

In addition, there is the Premium publishes category. This category is used by more effective distributors. They are free to leave whenever they wish.

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