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Features Of Our Old Facebook Accounts

  • Guaranteed to satisfy you completely.
  • Completed profiles in full.
  • Complete Recovery Guarantee.
  • Realistic accounts with photos.
  • Manually crafted
  • Mostly the bio and photo from USA profiles.
  • Accounts 1 to 5+ Years Old.
  • Verified Accounts and Active Profiles by Email and Phone.
  • 24 hour customer service.
  • Excellent Service.
  • Express Shipping.
  • Very Affordable Price
  • Zero Fake Bots.
  • Unlimited splitting is possible.
  • Money-Back Promise
  • Work starts right away.
  • 2 months to 2 years of age minimum.
  • Extra assistance following service delivery.

We have a sizable staff with devoted members. They are always willing to assist you whenever you need it and also provide useful support.


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Buy Old Facebook Accounts

If you’re looking to buy old facebook accounts, do not worry about it. I’m confident that it’s 100% safe to buy old facebook accounts from us. If you’re considering buying an old facebook accounts through us, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your account. Here you will find high-quality old facebook accounts for sale at a cheap price.

The most widely used social networking platform is Facebook, which has millions of users daily and millions of members. You can also communicate with your loved ones and friends. Customers purchase Facebook profiles that satisfy their needs. Social accounts are us. I sell old Facebook accounts, but buying verified Facebook accounts and old Facebook accounts with activity is our most popular business.

Buy Old Facebook Accounts

Our Facebook profiles appear genuine and actual. We don't execute actions on them using any bots. We are manually cultivating while utilizing MLA and VirtualBox. Sometimes, purchasing outdated Facebook profiles to advertise your company or product prevented Facebook from blocking the accounts because they were false.

You will receive genuine Facebook accounts from us because each page will have several images of the same individual. You can continue publishing to our old Facebook accounts by receiving the photographs from us. Every Facebook account is also confirmed by live numbers, so you can ask for the verification code whenever you want to re-verify your account. Our payments are safe, and our Facebook accounts are definite and validated. BlackVCC is the best place to buy old facebook accounts.

Since Facebook has millions of active users and also enables for user targeting, the majority of people buy active Facebook profiles for advertising purposes to promote their businesses. Our previous Facebook profiles for events are useful and appropriate for advertising.

Why should you buy old Facebook accounts? With Us-related Activities?

Different Cookies For Every Account
As you may have noticed, Facebook is tightening the security of its system in response to the proliferation of fake accounts. Facebook is now requesting various forms of verification, including photo verification, phone authentication, identification proof email verification, friend verification, and many others. Every time you relocate your account or make any other changes, you must go through the security checkpoint. You will obtain cookie files when you register for one of our accounts. I advise using cookies to log into your previous Facebook account.

Instructions File For Cookies-Based Login
Since many individuals don't know how to log into accounts using cookies, we're giving explicit instructions for Old Facebook accounts to make sure you don't run into any problems when you log in. The document containing the instructions is available for download here. Click this

Proxied Facebook Accounts
The majority of individuals don't know about proxies, therefore they log in to accounts using their IP addresses, which might lead to issues. Some people buy pricey proxies from numerous vendors. On social media profiles, though. Proxy servers do not need to be purchased because it is possible to obtain older Facebook accounts through agents.

Reports With Current US Phone Numbers
Every single Old Facebook page has an active USA number, so you can always ask for a new verification code, and it can also help you go through any obstacles it may pose. The re-verification codes are free from cost. Most numbers have a three-month expiration date.

Services For Ads
After purchasing brand-new Facebook PVA accounts, the majority of users start running ads that are inappropriate and disallowed. Our older Facebook PVA accounts, which are 3 months or older, 6 months or more, 1 year or older, 6 years or more, and 10 years or older, are more handy for marketing. They are very active, which gives them an authentic and legitimate appearance.

Accounts With A Large Friends List
When you display ads on Facebook, it looks at every element. The majority of users purchase outdated Facebook accounts, but these accounts lack friends, are disabled, or demand official identification. Our more experienced Facebook PVA profiles, on the other hand, have 100+ Friends on every profile, making them suitable for advertising.

Twilio Auth App's 2FA
Using the Twilio App, we are creating two-factor authentication for client requests. Ask whether you need 2FA, and we'll set it up with the free Twilio app. Please take note that I will provide you the setup instructions for the 2FA with Twilio. We normally utilize 2FA to protect your account from security threats and costs, which is why we put it up.

Critical Features Of Facebook Accounts:

  • Every Facebook profile is used to create a unique proxy.
  • Old Facebook accounts with a complete profile
  • Old Facebook accounts with phone verification
  • Manually farmed into various VirtualBox instances
  • Associated with Your Account Is A Cookie File
  • Information about proxies attached to your Facebook profile
  • Verified Phone With USA Numbers


Instructions to buy old Facebook accounts?

There are numerous products and packaging options. Consequently, select the item you want to buy and add it to your shopping basket. The checkout button will be shown once you have added it to your cart. After clicking it, complete the checkout page.

Why Buy Aged FB PVA Accounts?

It is well knowledge that new Facebook PVA accounts and dormant Facebook accounts cannot be used to execute Facebook advertising. As a result, in order to use Facebook PVA accounts for advertising, you must already have an account. You may acquire old PVA accounts on Facebook by visiting Social Accounts, the best source to purchase any Social Media accounts. These are the ideal Facebook profiles to employ for advertising because they are established and active.

What was the best product you would suggest to buy Older FB PVA Accounts?

We offer several options for purchasing old Facebook PVA accounts. Additionally, the most popular Facebook advertising items are our active Facebook accounts. As a result, all accounts with activity are good. But we advise purchasing a Facebook Aged Account with Activities. 1+ Years Old or Purchase Aged Facebook Accounts with 6+ Years of Activities.

Buy Old Facebook Accounts

Do you offer samples?

Since there are many counterfeit buyers, we are unable to give you any samples because they are pricey. They stole the profile and ran away. No proof is available.

How do I create my profile on my personal computer?

We are giving you a step-by-step installation guide for a Facebook profile on your computer. If you need assistance when creating the profile, just let us know.

Can I choose the gender?

The message box, which is located at the bottom of our checkout pages, does allow you to specify the gender. The bulk of profiles, however, are those of women.

What’s the most significant difference between the Old and New Facebook Accounts?

The majority of people purchase Facebook accounts for a variety of purposes, such as advertisements, spamming of marketplaces and groups, and other marketing objectives. We will state that the new PVA Facebook Accounts are not appropriate for advertising and that older Facebook accounts are the best for it. We offer genuine as well as current buy old facebook accounts. Do not hesitate to buy old facebook accounts today!

Are they able to use Marketplace?

We don't have a preference as to how to purchase a Facebook account through Marketplace. We can't help you if you're purchasing outdated Facebook PVA accounts from the Marketplace.

What exactly does it mean to have an ID or without an ID?

Facebook will now request your government ID anytime you create an ad for the first time. As a result, we are giving Facebook Accounts IDs so they can pass the checkpoint. If you're using old Facebook accounts for advertising, we advise you to purchase them with ID.

What is the age of the profiles you have?

We still have a few old Facebook profiles. We have Facebook profiles that are more than ten years old, with a minimum age of six years, two plus years, six and a half months, and three plus months. For your needs, please refer to our product catalog.

You can also Buy Google Voice Accounts from us.

What exactly do you mean when you say With Activities and Without Activities?

The bulk of users purchase accounts in order to advertise, and Facebook wants users to display advertising while the current version is being used. This implies that a substantial portion of your profile's images, posts, and other postings will be identical to those of other users (like comments, comments, share videos, and others). Additionally, the absence of actions indicates that the accounts are inactive. Don’t worry! It’s safe to buy old facebook accounts from us.

Are they suitable for the Business Manager profile in these types of profiles?

Given that they look to be real, authentic Facebook profiles, it is a great idea to create an account for a Business Manager account on these profiles. Our shop has the account you need if you're looking for a Business Manager account. acquiring Facebook accounts with the Businesses Manager

Do you have other kinds of PVA or cheap Facebook accounts?

We can, yes. Find a different strategy. With both active and temporary numbers, we offer the most expensive and affordable new Facebook accounts.

How do I buy verified, active, and verified by phone old Facebook Accounts from us?

The type of your need and following the appropriate steps listed below will determine which service is ideal for you.

Step 1: Select the Buy Now option as seen in the picture.

Step #2: Provide the service with the necessary information

Step #3: After entering all the required information, the page looks as in the illustration below.

Step #4: Please fill out this part with your billing details.

Complete your money and purchase Facebook accounts as a final step.

Do not worry if you want to purchase old Facebook accounts. I'm sure you can buy old Facebook accounts from us with complete security. You don't need to be concerned about the security of your account if you're thinking about purchasing old Facebook accounts from us. Old Facebook accounts that have been fully verified are available for purchase here at a discount.

When you give us the necessary details as outlined above, the order will be finished within 24 hours or as soon as a few minutes. In the event that your email and the customer's email are different, we might need to get in touch with you to verify this before accepting any orders. Do not be anxious if our products do not arrive right away; shipping may take more than one day.

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